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'Wings' Oil and Copper  leaf on Panel, 54cm x54cm, 2017'Roses and Honesty', Oil and Metal Leaf on Card,  25cm x19cm. 2017The Lacuna, Oil on canvas, 30cm x30cm , 2017Robin and Painted Lady, Oil and Gold leaf on Board, 30cm x30cm,Eucalyptus and Rose 30cm x 30cm Oil on canvas board 2016.'Strelitzia', 70cm x 70cm, Oil on Canvas'Alium', 25cm x25cm,Oil and metal Leaf on Board,2014'Orchid ', 70cm x70cm, Oil on Canvas'L'or Bleu ',60x60cm,Oil and Metal Leaf on Canvas 2014Tulips and Tiles, Oil on Board, 25cm x25cm.Green Kimono. Oil on Board, 25cm x25cm, 2014.